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Automatically process incoming emails and convert them to a data format which better fits your needs. Use to extract tracking-numbers, contact details or any other kind of data hidden inside your emails. Stop your daily copy & paste routine and let do the work for you. allows you to process incoming emails and convert them to a data format which better fits your needs. Use to extract tracking-numbers, contact details or any other kind of data hidden inside your emails. can process any kind of recurring email (e.g. order receipt, emails from contact forms, etc.). automatically converts your emails into easy to handle Excel and CSV spread sheet files. It’s also easy to connect to other webservices (e.g. CRM, Mailing List, your own script) by using HTTP webhooks.

Convert E-mails into Structured Data is a web-based email processing software which allows you to pull any kind of data from incoming e-mails. You can easily define parsing rules which will extract text fields from the e-mail body, the subject, the sender information or even from attached files. The parsed data is available for download or you can send it over to other web applications or custom scripts with webhooks.

Create Powerful Parsing Rules is a flexible email parsing solution which can be used for a variety of use-cases. We offer ready-to-use templates for the most common email parsing tasks. While the templates will get you going in minutes, it’s easy to create custom parsing rules which are 100% tailored to your needs. You can chain up different text filters which will crop, clean and refine your data.

Pull Data from File Attachments
Next to parsing data from the body of an e-mail, also gives you access to text content which is stored inside file attachments. This feature allows you to pull text blocks from various file formats like PDF, CSV, TXT and XML. Once a text block is extracted from an attachment, various text filters can be applied to refine, crop and transform the data.

Push Your Data to Web-Apps
Extracting data from e-mails is just the first step when it comes to automating your business process. There are hundred ways of how you can use the data fields extracted from your e-mails. You can download the parsed data as an Excel spreadsheet or send it to other web applications like your CRM, etc.

Automatically update your CRM
With it’s easy to extract leads or orders from e-mails sent by e-commerce platforms, lead providers or your website contact form. Immediately after a new email arrives, pulls all relevant data fields and a new record in one of over 300+ web-apps can be created.

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